The United Nation Mission in
Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), Asmara
World Health Organization
The United Nation Mission in Ethiopia,
Eritrea (UNMEE), Addis Ababa
World Food Programme, Addis Ababa
Caribbean Money Market Brokers,
Port of Spain
Presidential Insurance Company
Headquarters, Port of Spain
Republic Bank Limited, Port of Spain
Subway Restaurants, Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago Electricity
Commission, Point Lisas
British Airways, Dar Es Salaam
Royal Palm Hotel, Dar Es Salaam
Standard Chartered Bank, Dar Es Salaam
World Food Programme, Dar Es Salaam
European Union, Kampala
Jubilee Insurance, Kampala
Sheraton Hotel, Kampala
World Food Programme, Kampala

British High Commission, Nairobi
British Airways, Nairobi
Coca Cola, Nairobi
Danish Embassy, Nairobi
ECHO, Nairobi
Embassy of Spain, Nairobi
Equity Bank, Multiple Branches
European Union, Nairobi
Former US Embassy, Nairobi
HFCK Bank, Multiple Branches
Hotel Interncontinental, Nairobi
Imperial Bank, Multiple Branches
Italian Embassy, Nairobi
Kenya Airways, Nairobi
Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd, Nairobi
Nakumatt Holding Ltd., Nairobi
National Bank of Kenya,
Multiple Branches
Norwegian Embassy, Nairobi
Panari Sky Hotel, Nairobi
Royal Palm Hotel, Tanzania
Standard Chartered Bank, Branches
Stima Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
USAID, Nairobi
US Diplomatic Housing Complex, Nairobi

LLumar vvv Y- , BEST BRANDS - 2007 v .

Lumar Professional Films were awarded with "THE BEST IMPORTED BRAND" from the Trade - Exhibition BEST BRANDS - 2007 organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods of Mongolia, Marketing Association of Mongolia and the Governors Office of Ulaanbaatar city